The Puma Squad is a multi-media production company. We specialize in scripted fantasy, action, thriller and sci-fi series featuring strong female leads.

Representing the diversity and strength of women on and off screen.

Elesha Barnette
Co-owner, Development Lead

Elesha spent the first ten years of her career in corporate america before marrying her life-long interest in media and business together.

In 2011 Elesha completed the UCLA Program in Producing. Elesha is currently in pre-production on a series of shorts (summer 2018). 



Kathy DiStefano
Co-owner, Marketing Lead

Kathy, a Jersey girl, began her career as an actress.Having always had an interest in all things production, Kathy has spent the last six years honing her talents as a writer, director, producer as well.

In addition to starring in the series, Last Life, and her many responsibilities behind the camera Kathy, she is lead on social media marketing for Puma Squad.  


In 2016 Elesha and Kathy were invited to the Independent Television Festival (ITV Fest) to present a panel, “How To Create a Successful Series”.

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