The Puma Squad is a multi-media production company. We specialize in scripted fantasy, action, thriller and sci-fi series featuring strong female leads.

Representing the diversity and strength of women on and off screen.

Elesha Barnette
Co-owner, Development Lead

Elesha spent the first ten years of her career in corporate america before marrying her life-long interest in media and business together.

In 2011 Elesha completed the UCLA Program in Producing. Elesha is currently in post-production on the short film, “You’re Beautiful, Baby” (writer/director). 



Kathy DiStefano
Co-owner, Marketing Lead

Kathy, a Jersey girl, began her career as an actress.Having always had an interest in all things production, Kathy has spent the last six years honing her talents as a writer, director, producer as well.

Kathy is currently in post-production on the short film, “The Women’s Room” (writer/director). 


In 2016 Elesha and Kathy were invited to the Independent Television Festival (ITV Fest) to present a panel, “How To Create a Successful Series”.

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